safe in sound


Starting this year, we are inviting third-party nominations for the Safe-in-Sound Award™. Consider who is striving for excellence and creating innovation in their hearing loss prevention programs in your day to day encounters, and nominate them for this round. Until now Award applications were exclusively self-nominations, which were submitted online. For an application to be considered complete, we require two letters of support: One letter should be from external sources familiar with the program and/or innovation, and the other should come from someone who has directly benefited from the innovation or program itself.

This year we invite third parties to nominate candidates by submitting a letter directed to Dr. Deanna Meinke at the Safe-in-Sound Expert Committee Coordinator. The letter should provide  brief descriptions of the noise control or other hearing loss prevention initiatives and a brief description of any evidence of its effectiveness.

Once the letters are received and reviewed we will contact the nominees and encourage them to complete the online application form and obtain a second letter of support.  Self-nominations continue to be encouraged, even when not initiated by a third-party.

The 2015 Award will be presented at the at the 40th NHCA Annual Conference,  to be held on February 22, 2015 in New Orleans,  LA.