APPLY BY JULY 15, 2016

Many companies consider their hearing loss prevention programs to be effective if they simply comply with the regulatory standards. Others, however, recognize that simple compliance doesn’t necessarily prevent hearing loss and so they do more. Regulations do not apply to all industries and perhaps your workplace has developed an effective hearing loss program for workers in these unregulated environments. Has your company adopted a “no tolerance” attitude toward occupational hearing loss, and are employees as involved as management? Or, have you or your organization developed evidence-based innovative approaches towards the prevention of noise-induced hearing loss? If so, your organization may be a great candidate for a Safe-in-Sound Award™! WE WANT TO HEAR!

You can help us by identifying those who are striving for excellence and creating innovation in their hearing loss prevention programs by nominating them for the next round of awards. Consider who you encounter in your day to day encounters, and nominate them by June 1st, 2016.
Submit a letter directed to Dr. Deanna Meinke at, the Safe-in-Sound Review Committee Coordinator. The letter should identify the nominee (including their contact information), provide a brief description of the noise control or other hearing loss prevention initiatives that suggest excellence or innovation, and provide a brief description of any evidence of its effectiveness if available to you. Once the letter is received and reviewed, we will contact the nominees and encourage them to complete the online application form.

There are a few things that you should do to prepare for the online application process.
To help you prepare you can view all application materials and requirements in this document before you begin: Before You Get Started

Once you have all of the required documentation and information gathered, you can register for a user name and establish a password so you can get started! Keep in mind that you will be able to save your application at any point in the process and go back to it if you need to prior to final submission. This will help break up the steps in case you need more time while working on your application. Please click “Save and Continue” once you are finished entering your information on the current page. If you would like to go back to previous pages, you should first click save and continue, and then select the page you would like to return to on the progress bar. Also, it is important to remember that not every question is required, so we have indicated by an asterisk * if the item is REQUIRED.

Throughout the application process you will be asked to submit certain required documentation. When you see this symbol -- -- you will be asked to submit files online.
Once you have submitted your online application, you will be sent a confirmation email.

The Safe-in-Sound expert review committee will evaluate all applications. Applicants considered for further evaluation may be contacted by a committee member for supplemental information and/or to make arrangements for a site visit. All applicants will receive notification regarding the outcome of the committee evaluations.

Don’t forget - your application needs to be submitted with all necessary documentation by midnight on JULY 15, 2016.
Thank You and Good Luck!

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